Sri Lanka

Implemented construction work

Embassies of the Russian Federation in Sri Lanka

The project of a complex of buildings and facilities was implemented by “M.STROY”, LLC in 2012. The design was implemented according to the town-planning requirements and the development plan for Colombo, taking into account the surrounding site development.

Taking into account the climate peculiarities and the specificity of the engineering-geological structures of the land plot, “M.STROY”, LLC designed:
  • An office and representative building with the consular division and 12 residential apartments;
  • a residential house with 24 apartments with cultural and social premises;
  • a building of the school canteen with a gym and a pool;
  • a building of the ambassador residency with a pool;
  • an engineering and utility block;
  • the duty commandant’s station with auxiliary premises;
  • the main entrance with fencing;
  • interiors of the main premises;
  • a car shed;
  • improvement and landscaping of the entire site. 
“M.STROY”, LLC implemented designer supervision over the construction of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The facility was commissioned in December 2015.

Residential house with 24 apartments

Duty commandant’s station

Ambassador residency

Office and representative building

Primary school for 32 pupils, sports facilities

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