Implemented construction work

Sports and Health Complex

Design work for the construction of buildings and structures on the territory of the complex of Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to International Organizations in Austria, Vienna.

For the construction on the territory of Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation in Vienna, was implemented the project of a sporting and health complex. The designed building is located at the south border of the territory of the Permanent Mission. The southern façade of the building looks at the center of Vienna and forms the front part of the structure. Thus is determined the nature of the architecture in the form of a curved large-scale light-transparent wall. This compositional concept of three-dimensional structure makes it possible to harmoniously arrange the facility in the existing urban environment.

The main space of the building has a hall with a pool for health improving exercises with external glass walls in the shape of a wave.

The second space has a multipurpose sports complex located on the level of a second floor.

The third space is connecting, multifunctional, two-storey, with the entrance lobby.

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