We apply modern construction methods

“M. STROY”, LLC is a large Russian design and construction company implementing projects of different complexity degrees both in Russia and abroad.

The amount of the charter capital is 26.023 million rubles.

“M. STROY”, LLC operates in the market since 2002. The company has a wide specialist field covering the entire specter of design, construction and installation work at the sites of any complexity, including the mounting of reinforced concrete, steel and enclosure structures, roofs of any complexity, engineering and manufacturing equipment with the laying of communication networks, in accordance with the requirements of the projects and the statutory acts.

During the design, the company uses the modern methods based on the best world tendencies, taking into account the requirements of both, the Russian and the foreign legislation in the area of design.

“M. STROY”, LLC gets all the required approvals at the concerned authorities, taking into account the climatic, urban and other conditions.

“M. STROY”, LLC implements construction and installation work using modern construction methods. Herewith, there are used only qualitative construction materials, the equipment of the leading national and international manufacturers, giving positive results to the implemented work. This makes it possible to guarantee long-term operation of the buildings and structures, reliable and flawless operation of the mounted systems.

“M. STROY”, LLC has the entire required material and technical basis, qualified specialists, reliable and trusted suppliers, and business partners.

For a long time the company has been one of the main contractors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Since 2002, “M. STROY”, LLC implemented the design and complex work (construction, repair and remodeling) in more than fifteen countries of the world on different continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.

A vast amount of design work was implemented in Austria, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

The major repair of the structures was implemented in the complex buildings of the embassies in Cuba, Azerbaijan, Germany, Laos and Poland.
“M. STROY”, LLC implemented the project work in the reconstruction and remodeling of the buildings of Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for the arrangement of foreign representations in the historical center of Moscow, in Pomerantsev and Staropeskovsky lanes.

“M. STROY” in figures:

Year of company foundation
16 years
Activity period
Number of activities
million rubles.
Amount of the charter capital

Registration information

“M. STROY”, LLC has the required number of licenses enabling to take part in auctions and tenders held by different federal authorities, and to conduct construction activity in Russia and abroad. It also has the License of the Ministry of Civil Defense Affairs, Emergencies, and Liquidation of Consequences of Natural Disasters of the Russian Federation. The License was issued to implement installation, technical servicing and repair of the fire safety devices in buildings and structures.

The License of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to implement the activity aimed at preserving the cultural heritage sites (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

“M. STROY”, LLC is a member of the Employers' association “Self-regulatory organization” Union of Construction and Installation Companies “Stroykorporatsiya” and a member of the Association “Self-regulatory company organization involved in architecture and construction design “MEZHREGIONPROEKT.”


Legal form of organization:
Limited liability company

Company name:
“M. STROY” Limited liability company / “M. STROY”, LLC

Certificate of record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities:
February 21, 2003; Certificate series 77 Nr. 007022232 issued by the Interdistrict inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxation of Russia Nr. 39 for Moscow.
  • Primary State Registration Number (PSRN) - 1037700250994
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) – 7703369980
  • Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) – 503801001
  • Russia National Nomenclature of Businesses and Organizations (RNNBO) – 39569288
Activity period (taking into account legal succession) 15 years
    Types of activity
    43.11 - Demolition;
    41.10 – Elaboration of construction projects;
    41.20 – Construction of residential and non-residential buildings;
    42.21 – Construction of engineering communications for water supply, water disposal and gas supply;
    43.12 – Preparation of the construction site;
    43.21 – Implementation of electrical installation work;
    43.22 - Implementation of sanitary engineering work, installation of heating systems and air conditioning systems;
    43.29 - Implementation of other construction and installation work;
    43.31 – Implementation of plastering;
    43.32 – Finish carpentry and carpenter work;
    43.33 – Work on the arrangement of floors and wall lining;
    43.34 – Implementation of painting and glazing;
    43.39 - Implementation of other finishing work;
    43.91 – Implementation of roofing;
    43.99 – Other specific construction work not included in other groupings;
    46.73 – Wholesale of wood products, construction materials and sanitary equipment;
    46.74.2 - Wholesale of water supply equipment and sanitary fittings;
    46.90 – Unspecialized wholesale;
    71.11 – Activity in the area of architecture;
    71.12 - Activity in the area of engineering survey, design and engineering, construction project management, implementation of construction control and designer supervision, provision of engineering advise in these areas;
    71.12.1 – Activity related to design and engineering, construction project management, implementation of construction control and designer supervision;
    71.12.11 – Elaboration of projects for heat, water and gas supply;
    71.12.13 - Elaboration of projects for air conditioning, refrigerating engineering and environment pollution monitoring, and acoustical engineering;
    71.12.2 – Activity of a construction manager, principal contractor;
    71.12.45 – Engineering survey in construction.

    Amount of the charter capital
    26 023 000.00 (rubles)

    Location and correspondence address
    141207, Russia, Moscow Region, Pushkino, Nadsonovskaya Street 24, room 11

    Phone and fax
    8 (496) 580-06-59

    Electronic mail address

    Full name of the head with the right to sign under the constituent documents:
    Director Mikhail Yuryevich Rakitkin

    Governing authority – legal entity authorized to approve transactions:
    General meeting of the members of “M. STROY” Limited liability company
    Licenses and certificates
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